Sunday, 9 December 2012

Windy winter cycle

It's been a cold week with some snow and colder weather is forecast. Today the temperature had crept up a little but a strong north westerly wind had developed overnight. Twenty plus mph gusting to around forty mph. I still went out for a cycle mid morning but it was hard going at times.

As I pedaled into the wind along past Winterfield I was almost tacking from side to side to make progress. That's fine in the Heron but not so good on the LHT. I stopped down by the holiday chalets to think about my route. Most of them are boarded up for winter although a few hardy souls were trying to make the best of the sunshine. They look good in the summer with surf boards and barbecues but they also seem wonderfully cosy on a winters day with the view out over the stormy sea. If I had a wee cabin like this I'd be using it in the winter too.

Rather than fight the wind along to East Linton I decided to head around a loop of Dunbar and throw in a few farm roads for a bit of variety.

That's a big shadow bike in the low winter sun. I came back into town with only 9 miles under my belt so a quick zig zag through the little lanes and down by the harbour rounded it up to 10. Not very much, but its the getting out that counts. It also made the bread I had baked earlier taste all the better.


  1. Miles is just a number, a stat for some...
    Its about just getting out that makes your day.
    And i bet you felt better for it Ped -:)

  2. Peter:
    We get some winds here, but it doesn't get as cold as your neck of the woods, I presume. 40 MPG and you still rode? Bravo! That's tough - does not matter how many miles you rode.

    Plus, I completely agree: It is the getting out to ride the matters and not how long or how fast.

    Paz :)

  3. First law of cycling - out against the wind and back with the wind ;-)

  4. Typically, the wind dropped once I was home and painting the kitchen. That's just the way it goes some days.