Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mid Week Cycle 20th Feb

I missed out on Sunday's great weather but managed to finish work on time today and was home by 5pm. Although it was a cloudy evening, the nights are slowly drawing out and I grabbed the opportunity to have a quick hour on the trucker. On the way to Barns Ness lighthouse I stopped at White Sands to take a couple of pics whilst there was still some light.

Unfortunately the battery failed on the camera. I suspected it was getting low and I have to get a spare for times like this. There was bitter wind at the lighthouse so I quickly turned around and stopped at the beach on the way back for a cup of coffee. Just the sound of the waves and the oystercatchers in the distance.

Camera battery flat, my battery recharged; off I went home.


  1. Been a baltic week with cold temps getting colder since Monday...

    1. Aye, I was a wee bit numb when I got home.