Sunday, 13 April 2014

Heron is back in the water

The Mighty Heron is back in the water. Yesterday the wind was forecast to gust around 35mph but seemed a lot stronger. This morning didn't look too good either but an availability of helpful friends and we went for it.

I've got a cheek to call that collection of box section and weld a trailer but it does the job. Fellow Alacrity 19 owners may notice that the rudder on the Heron is shorter than usual. That's the way it was when I bought it and it seems quite balanced under sail.

The Heron bobbed it's way down the slip happily wagging it's tail at the prospect of returning to the water. Or of course it could be that the draw bar is too long and starts a weave on the cobbled slip.

The ratchet ties were oiled to make sure they undid easily, rudder and tiller attached, some fenders out, long lines on deck and Stuart holding a the wee ladder to make getting aboard so much easier.

I had fueled up the outboard yesterday to make sure it was running and it fired up again today second pull. Then it was a couple of minutes letting it warm up and then off through the bridge into the blast of the westerly wind. I had to put new risers on my mooring chains this year after the originals mysteriously disappeared, but hadn't left enough for a messenger between the floats. Embarrassingly, I missed picking up the mooring in the strong wind. A quick decision not to even try to turn or drift back, so on I went around the harbour again and picked up the mooring second time.

The wind was really starting to build and was gusting over 40mph so I was quite happy to cadge a lift off an inflatable boat that just happened to be passing by.
The Heron safely on the mooring and it was time to get ashore for a celebratory beer. Here's hoping for sunshine and fair winds.


  1. Ace! I go in Thursday - fingers crossed I stay in as I did the cockpit drains this winter... :o) When will you put your mast up?

    1. I've got the day off on Friday and the weather is looking good so hopefully the mast will go up. I'm sure the drains will be fine. I poured water into the bilge to check the seal when I changed the hoses last year. It's a pain to mop out but gave me peace of mind. Good luck on Thursday.

  2. Hooray! The fun has started again.
    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, hopefully there will be good weather too.