Sunday, 27 July 2014

LHT over Coldingham Moor

Last October I took the train to Berwick Upon Tweed and cycled home. It was a wonderful route but the weather wasn't so favourable with teaming rain all the way. I decided to revisit some of the route today and drove to the west end of Coldingham Moor above Pease Bay.

From then on it was a simple out and back to Eyemouth but the minor roads across the moor are a delight. The views are pretty good too.

The lambs are coming on well this year with hot sunshine and plenty of grass. These two were having some sort of sheep disagreement.


 At Peel I stopped to have a look at where this arrow led to. I had noticed the signs last time and took the chance to follow them today. Unfortunately the trail seemed to fade away into scrub. I'll go back for a proper look with Fly.

Back onto smooth tarmac with the hedges full of colour and birdsong.

Gentle climbs and long descents with the occasional twist and turn to cross a stream. 

A fine Sunday cycle, but yes that is a waterproof jacket peeking out of the trunk bag. I couldn't have it all my own way and inevitably I got caught in a couple of showers. After the heat of the last few weeks it was quite pleasant to feel the rain again.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Lovely route, so scenic.
    The clouds are remarkable.
    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, the clouds were impressive until the rain started.

    2. Peter, I bet you are right :)