Monday, 23 February 2015

Sunny Saturday and a grim Sunday.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and I got some tidying done on the Heron as I continue to hope to sell her. I also took the chance to take some photos of the locker lids for the benefit of Steve on his blog, 'Yacht Sparrow'

I hope the pictures are pretty self explanatory, the wooden tongues go in under the back of the locker moulding so there is no need for hinges.


Fly was enjoying the sunshine too and we had a good wander along the shore seeing what the spring tides had washed up. I should really have taken advantage of the weather and got the LHT out for a cycle but I was in no rush as I had a plan for Sunday when using the bike would work out perfectly. Unfortunately the weather changed and by Sunday afternoon it was snowing and as the day wore on the rain hammered down.

Bit of a disappointment, but there's always next weekend.

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  1. Perfect - thanks for that Peter - thinking I could use a couple of cleats on the underneath, providing the clearance is right... must get measuring!

    PS. Was painting the cabin Sunday afternoon - wind howled/rain lashed down - had the lid closed and the boards in, but I did wonder what the hell I was doing as I saw my fellow club members necking beer in the nice warm bar!!