Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sona's launch

Back in January I set a target date for rebuilding and launching the Jaguar 23, Sona, on Good Friday, the 3rd of April. Well the day came and went and the crane launched most of the other boats at Dunbar Harbour. I wasn't ready but after an awful lot of work over the Easter weekend, Sona was finally launched on Monday 6th.

First thing was to move it to the slip where it would be launched. Some good friends and a little tractor and off she goes.

Then for the next three days I was up early as the sun started to warm the harbour and kept busy all day, painting, sawing, drilling, fabricating and generally fixing up the boat. Friends and passers-by came along to offer advice watch the progress and generally chat amongst themselves (and enjoy a cold beer) in the hot sunshine. 

Lots of little boxes of collected useful things; and they did come in very handy as I rebuilt the rudder, outboard bracket, rigging, wiring, and engine.

The outboard bracket got a whole new lump of mahogany ply laminated up, then cut varnished and drilled to fit.

The mast foot was re-attached with monel rivets,  and all the hallyards were sorted to fit the blocks and exit for the best runs to the cockpit jammers and winches. Then, whilst there were a few willing helpers, the mast was hauled up into position and I had a minor panic when I couldn't find locating pin for the foot. Fortunately I had a suitable pin in one of my wee boxes!

Monday morning saw a quick coat of antifoul, fitting of the engine, fuel tank and anchor, then at high tide Sona was launched. Harbour resident Kenny took these photos as I scrambled around on board and wound the keel down. Stuart had drawn the short straw and was in the water.

Everything worked!! no leaks and I was soon onto my new mooring.


It has been a lot of work but its worth it when I look at these photos. There's still a lot of fettling and learning to come but she's in the water and only three days late. I'm well chuffed.


  1. Wow - she's looking good... well done, and fair winds for the new season - just a week and a bit to go to my launch so like you i'm flat out at the moment... antifoul'ing tonight

    1. Thanks the kind comments Steve. I don't envy you antifouling. It is one job I would happily pay a local urchin to do, if there weren't laws against that sort of thing.

  2. Trust the season is going well?? :o)

    1. Hi Steve, work has severely got in the way of everything over the last few months. I've only managed out a few times and the weather hasn't helped. I'll post something this weekend and try to resurrect the blog. I'll also try to catch up with reading everyone else's posts. Cheers, Peter.