Sunday, 19 February 2012

Feb 12 Frozen Barns Ness

Busy Sunday. Lot of roofing materials delivered Friday and Saturday. Hopefully work can start tomorrow!

In the meantime I grabbed an early start and got out on the bike. I headed east along the coast to Barns Ness. Not far in miles but I still managed to spend a couple of hours cycling the coast and enjoying a coffee when the folk who don't understand are still sleeping.

Whitesands looking West. Skinny cheap Kenda tyres are great for the road miles and not too bad on the trails, but wouldn't want to go any closer to the sand with them!

Low light in the morning highlights the wind blown sand.

No-one around just a couple of golfers in the very distance admiring each others Pringle jumpers.

From Whitesands its a short pedal over to Barns Ness. In cycling guides this route was advertised as suitable for road bikes. A fat 29er would be great but skinny 700ccs would be wrecked. 

Barns Ness is one of the many Stevenson lighthouses around the Scottish coast. If your not sure what this means, then take a stormy winters evening in front of the fire to read Bella Bathhurst's "The Lighthouse Stevensons".

These old timbers that were probably a mooring pontoon or pier but there are lots of conflicting stories.

I was getting cold in this pic and as soon as I stopped I could feel the wind chilling me.
I hunkered down behind the wood to enjoy the coffee, the solitude and started wondering about fat bikes. Coastal riding can be hard going on the constantly changing surface. Being able to sit down and spin whilst the tyres float seems a better way to see the view.

Time to head home before I think too much and stop enjoying the journey.  

This weeks wildlife was a Kestrel hunting, Stonechats, fox spoor at Catscraig and a new nesting box at the back of the Broxburn estate. Looks like an owl box but I'll need to check.

The afternoon has been spent servicing outboards...not long before the boats go back in the water!

8 miles ish...get a working bike computer! F2 gusting F4 WNW, max 4 degrees.

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  1. I reckon hourometers should be made for coastal cycling, time is more important and your right about getting out early!,
    A fat bike opens up a whole new side to cycling,

    Beware the power of the `fat` side... resistance is futile... -:)