Sunday, 5 February 2012

Feb 5th Bilsdean

This post is very much a diary entry for myself.

Work finally started on the roof Mon and Tues.  One skip full and the first layer of felt went on. Yesterday it leaked but I think I've got it fixed until the next three layers are built.
Sunday morning. After last nights embarrassment of Scotland's rugby defeat by England I got out with Fly for a wander.

I had hoped to take the Kona or the old road bike out but they are still buried under tarp and ladders for the roof.

Drove down to Bilsdean and took Fly down part of the John Muir Way to the coast. Shame the above photo is over exposed as the plants around the waterfall give a welcome burst of green during the winter.

Further on and there was a tree down across the trail. Someone has been clearing with a chainsaw but there was still a bit of clambering about.

Cut stump in the Ivy.

Snow drops in bloom which is normal but Herb Robert in bloom before March.

Where the burn reaches the sea there is a very old bridge. There is another bridge nearby that dates around 1790 and this one should be older given its position lower down the glen. Newer bridges used improved engineering to span the bigger gaps for a more level route. This bridge would have require a steep descent and ascent for the horses and carts.

The beach was wonderfully deserted.

Still cold but there is a little more daylight every day.

5 degrees, sunny, calm.

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  1. Used to love going down there when i lived at Dunbar, always had the coast to myself,
    i need to return again after readig this post -:)