Sunday, 25 November 2012

Soaking Sunday Cycle

Saturday was crisp and clear with bright blue skies; ideal cycling weather. Unfortunately I didn't manage out until Sunday morning when a bitter wind was howling in from the north and the rain was falling sideways.

The pictures might give an idea of the rain, and how saturated everything is, but they don't really give any concept of the gusting wind, although that sea is starting to build.

It was still good to get out and it was certainly quiet enough. I hardly saw another soul. Given the weather it's not really surprising.

Even the track along to West Barns was empty. This is normally busy with excitable dogs and their owners out for their morning walk. Must have been a few miserable dogs stuck inside this morning.

The road up to Spott disappeared into the low cloud but wasn't too bad. Spinning slowly up hill kept me warm. The downhills were the unpleasant bit. Anything above about 20mph and the cold rain began to sneak in through the waterproofs.

I sat and dripped in the shelter of this barn. It's strange, the next line should be something about 'wondering what I was doing' but it isn't. I was quite happy.  I'd found a little lee in the storm and could look back knowing it was nearly all down hill from here. I thought about keeping going but a hot shower and breakfast beckoned.

The observant might have noticed a new rear mech. I had been looking for a rapid rise (low normal), as I'm no racer, and the smoothness of down changes on a climb is noticeable. Its also Deore XT so it just works. 

Just an hour and a half this morning. I've time off work this week and have a couple of rides planned but the forecast isn't looking very nice. Northerlies gusting 50mph+ and torrential rain. Ho hum!


  1. Ah yes, the rewards of going out even when the first impulse is avoidance. Not only did you gain the experience of the lively elements, you also treasure more greatly the comforts afforded by shelter.

  2. Not a great day for a cycle ped, but at least you made the most of it, the weather is to be quite nasty this week, i felt the brunt of the north winds today on my daily commute to work and back, at least i had my pick of parking spaces in the bike shed.