Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday....lighthouse again.

Sunday morning and time for an easy cycle down to the lighthouse. I had planned a longer tour around Duns in the Borders but it will keep for a week or two when I've got time off. A couple of hours nosing around the local trails was fine for today.

Its been cold this week and today was no different. The clear air and low light make for great views. 

Busy wee spider.

At Whitesands I stopped to wonder. There is loads of parking available but for this individual a clearly marked cycle route provided a fine spot to drive off the road and abandon their car. Feel free to think of a couple of adjectives and a noun to express your dismay.

I have my own theories that ignorant behaviour tends to be inversely proportional to the distance a person is prepared to walk from their car. I pedalled off along the coast, away from the cars, to find some shelter from the wind and enjoy my coffee. Sure enough, the occasional walker that I saw smiled and was cheery in their greeting. 

Back towards home for a proper breakfast.

I have also gone back to canti brakes on the front but using a Tektro fork crown hanger. Judder problem solved!


  1. Seems a little strange they would abandon there car there, are you sure it wasn't a breakdown or something? anyway we need to get out for a ride on the truckers I'm free next weekend if your up for it?
    I'll bring the kelti kettle and coffee.

  2. There was some sort of orienteering thing going on and folk were parking everywhere. I should be free next weekend. I'll e-mail as the week goes on.

  3. Good to see the LHT brake issue resolved. It seems to be doing its job as a suitable adventure vehicle.

    Regarding the car situation, let's call it an opportunity for enlightenment.

  4. Hi Peter...I don't know why I haven't discovered your blog before..I have been catching up on your previous posts and have enjoyed them a lot. I have now joined you as a follower and would like to invite you to do the same over at my blog:
    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and who knows we might even meet up on the road......

    1. Thanks Trevor. I've had a look at your blog and I'm following. Good to see some posts at the other end of the country.

  5. The car in the cycle path reminds me of Coke cans, within a foot of the trash receptacle, which I see on the walking trail near our home.

    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra. Yes, we have that problem here too!