Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mid Week Cycle 12th June

I was away visiting in Glasgow at the weekend and didn't manage to fit in any cycling, so by Wednesday evening I was keen to get out and about. I took the old Falcon this week, no particular reason, I just fancied a change. 

It's an old lugged steel frame with 700x35 tyres and steel bars, so it's no lightweight, but it is noticeably lighter than the LHT. It also feels sharper in the corners with steeper geometry and a more aggressive riding position. I prefer the LHT but the Falcon has it's place.

The sun managed to disappear behind cloud for the couple of hours I was out and about so the pictures are either a little dark, or over-exposed to try and show some detail. The route started out along the 'dump' road with it's new cycle path and crossed over the Biel Burn into John Muir Country Park.

The tracks here are bone dry despite today's rain. Although they are a bit bumpy with the occasional patch of deep sand, I was able to keep going. I just kept the front end light and mashed away on the pedals. 

There were Skylarks soaring over the salt marshes as I picked my way around the rabbit scrapes.

I don't know what these tree carvings are about. They stand guard around the children's play park and probably give the wee ones nightmares.

After the new bridge I pedaled out over the sands past the WWII defences. It would be easier on a fat bike but I just took my time and picked a route over the firmer sand.

It's not what you ride.........

No-one around, just me, my bike and the distant calls of the wading birds. I could happily have sat for hours watching the evening tide creep in across the sand.

But I needed to get home, so off I went winding along the single track in the woods.

The Falcon has it's place and it should really be on the road but it managed fine this evening. I've been thinking again about putting a single speed cog and crankset on it. We'll see.

Not many miles this evening but a good pedal with some hard intervals and some relaxing moments.


  1. The quietness of JMP is always an attraction to visit there. I like the Falcon,indeed has a place for a bit of roughstuff -:)

    1. I like the idea of building the falcon into a minimal single speed with cyclocross wheels. You have to concentrate on picking a route and get the bike flowing to keep the momentum.
      The krampug ss seems ideal, but a bit expensive if you have to buy a pug first!

  2. Interesting you say that the LHT is lighter than the Falcon, although I'm not surprised. I don't understand the engineering of it all but it seems to me like the steel frames of yester-year were/are generally lighter and more nimble than those of today.
    As well, I've read about crazy sink-holes on UK beaches like that one. Ones where people just plain disappear. Is that real or just a legend?

    1. There are areas around the UK where there is quicksand at the coast. I don't know if people actually disappear, but occasionally I hear of some poor soul getting stuck then drowned by the incoming tide. A terrible way to go!
      I think a lot of old steel frames were hand built. I suppose a craftsman can braze thinner tubing than a robot in a Taiwanese factory? I would recommend grabbing a lugged frame if you ever come across one!