Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunny Sunday just being busy doing nothing

It's been a strange old weekend. Saturday was spent travelling to Fife, laying carpet, receiving abuse, and generally wondering about families and why I feel I must support an uncle that I have no feelings for. As a child, my sister and I dreaded his visits. He never did anything inappropriate, but he has always been a belligerent character.
As an adult I look at him and see an unfortunate personality and probably a low grade paranoid psychosis. Since my fathers passing I have found myself taking on family roles that I don't want but feel obliged to accept. I suppose it's just part of growing older....and that Scottish Presbyterian work ethic. ...Aye...

Any hoo, Sunday was warm and bright.  Stuart has had problems with his outboard missing on one cylinder. Off I went on the Surly LHT, multimeter in hand and a lot of faith in my diagnostic abilities.

Parked up in the sailing club. The dog at the door is Bouncer. A regular face around Dunbar harbour.

Yamaha 6hp, lower plug doesn't have a spark. The impedance over the secondary winding's seems way off target, so swap coils and we have a spark at lower cylinder but not top. Time to find a new coil! 30 euros on Ebay but anyone who has owned a  2 stroke motor bike will tell you that you can pick up a Nippon coil like that for pennies.

So with Stuart and Scott considering how to source a new coil, I sat back and watched the the local Scottish Coastal Rowing cometition in the company of assorted lifeboat crew and various passers by. We somehow also got convinced to help lift the boats back out of the water onto their trailers.

 That's my foot after wading into the water to lift a boat! I have a similar one on the other side.

The skiff crews had traveled from all over the east coast of Scotland for a hard day of rowing and enjoyed a good days racing in perfect conditions.

Some folk just enjoyed a beer in the sun.

On the way home I spotted Alan Kelly with his very orange Brompton. I'm not wholly convinced about small tyre bikes but I freely admit that the way a Brompton can fold up is well impressive. 

Not a lot of cycling, not any sailing, but a day in the sun just doing what I wanted, which may seem frivolous to some, but is very important to me.

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