Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mid Week Cycle 3rd July

I picked up a new bottom bracket from the Post Office this morning. Apparently they couldn't deliver the parcel as it was "too large". At times I suspect Wullie the Post just heads out on his round with a wee pile of red cards rather than carrying any packages.  It was soon fitted when I came home from work, along with some extra waterproof grease. 

Then it was an easy decision to go out for a test run in the evening sunshine.

I headed east past Torness, then onto the John Muir Way and single track along the sides of the fields before Bilsdean. The bone dry ground was a bit bumpy for a road bike but the views are worth it.

Then it was down to Cockburnspath and along to Pease Bay. The roads were empty, just the birds in the hedgerows and the occasional suicidal rabbit darting in front of the Trucker.

I don't need any reminding how lucky I am to have roads like this to cycle along. Twisting lanes winding between the hedgerows and dipping down to hidden coves with the summer sun sparkling on the sea.

The little test ride turned into twenty one miles.  I'm sure you understand why.


  1. I need a LHT in my life...

    1. The Trucker is a great all round bike. I want a fat bike.

  2. Lovely. And how did the BB perform?

    1. Hi Wilson. The BB was super smooth. I'm going to keep a closer eye on this one and I promise to stop using a hose to wash the bike!

  3. Peter:
    I have always heard great things about the Trucker. Now, I have more evidence.
    Your neck of the woods is beautiful. I enjoy the photographs, immensely.
    Peace :)

  4. Hi Chandra, yeah the Trucker has turned out ideal for what I want. Thanks for your kind comments on the pictures, I always enjoy seeing pictures of where people ride.