Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Sail

After all the exertion of yesterday's ride I took an easier option this afternoon and went for a sail on the Heron, my little Alacrity 19 sailboat.

Out of the harbour under foresail and then off around the rocks towards the other yachts that were gathering for the start of a race. I didn't really fancy having to sail hard so I just pottered around and put out a fishing line.

I soon caught a skinny wee mackeral and popped it back in to try and grow a bit bigger. I rigged a tiny bit of sail and put the tiller down. This achieved a slow drift and I sat back, soaked up the sun and gently rocked on the slight swell.

When it got too hot I sat down below eating a cheese roll and watching the sea. There was just the usual boat sounds of creaks and bumps with the tink, tink of rigging on the mast.

A couple of hours relaxing on the sea and I headed back into harbour.
A peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

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