Saturday, 31 August 2013

A thinly disguised shopping trip

I've still too many things to do and too little time for myself, but I grabbed the opportunity to get out for an hour on the LHT this afternoon.

There was a strong westerly wind gusting to around 30mph but I just settled into spinning along and enjoyed the view. Everything is still green but the harvest has started and there are hints of autumn in the air.

I cycled along the usual loop by John Muir Country Park and then back around Dunbar to say hello to the horses and then off uphill for a stretch of the legs and lungs.

The trucker needs a good old strip down and service. Other than a puff of air in the tyres and some lube on the chain, it's needed nothing all summer.

Down from the peace of the little country roads and on to the local supermarket for Saturday evening pizza. That explains the pannier.

Back through Hallhill woods, and for Coastkid's interest, here is a pic of the local pump track. The sign says it's for BMX and hardtail MTB use. I can imagine some fat bikes trying this out!

And regarding fat bikes, here is the latest; I visited Coastkid yesterday evening and once he had reassured me that the guard dogs were definitely away, I was granted access to his secret fatbike research facility where we fitted the new BB, cranks and headset. The seat post that I thought I had was the wrong size so another is on order. I've also fitted the brakes and gears but the bars are awfully narrow so I think they are going to be changed.

Neat chainline! The Fatty might be storming the beaches next weekend,


  1. I need to check out that pump track!, yeah i fed the Dobermans when you said you were visiting...

    Good to see you Ped, and happy to help you out with your Fatty build, you will love it!


  2. The on one looks to be coming on nicely, can't wait to see it on the beach, my pug is getting a service this week also, completely new transmission as I've kinda run it into the ground this year, see you on the beach soon.

    1. Yeah, I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy some cycling in the winter.

  3. Cool! Saw a white fat bike heading along Dunbar Back Road tonight.....

    1. Not me just yet, although I was along there on foot with a very windswept Fly.