Monday, 5 August 2013

Lammermuir Rain.

After six weeks of roasting hot weather and beautiful sunny skies my summer holidays finally started. Guess what happened to the weather?

A bit of rain wasn't going to stop me, so off I went in the car with the LHT in the back. I parked up above Elmscleugh and then climbed up through the mist into Monynut forest.

It's as well he's still young as he didn't seem very pleased to see me come pedaling out of the mist.

The trails through the woods are probably better suited to something more mountain bike shaped but I was enjoying splashing through the streams and the hard climbing up the tracks. When I got to the point that I couldn't get any wetter I went back to the car and then drove over to the Whiteadder Reservoir for another very wet pedal.

Coffee under the shelter of the trees and then back around the reservoir to the car to head home.
But, the best is yet to come! I made a wee film. Its a bit dark, but so was the sky.


  1. Great wee film, very well done, wet but still very mild.


    anstruther on friday?

    1. Cheers D, I'm still drookit. I'd like to leave Dunbar about 11:00 Friday to get slack tide but that might mean moving boats under castle earlier. HW Anstruther is about 17:00. The wind might be a problem if the westerly comes in Thurs pm. We'll see.

  2. Great wee film Ped, Another 2 wheel Spielberg in the making -:)

    1. Thanks Bruce, I've got a long way to go to get to your standard. I'm going to wreck the LHT if I keep using it like that. I'm having fat thoughts again.

  3. Peter,
    The film as well as the photos are quite enjoyable.
    I like the rain, especially after having lived in Texas, for 5 years :)

    Paz :)

    1. Sorry so long in replying,.. Only by being truly wet can we appreciate being dry etc etc, I think this comes from Buddhist philosophy, or it may just come from a cyclist..