Sunday, 15 September 2013

John Muir Country Park on the Fatty

I was woken this morning with rain lashing off the windows and a howling gale whipping the first of the Autumn leaves through the streets. I had loosely planned to go for a cycle with Coastkid and it took a lot of self discipline to get out there.

There is a lot of jibber jabber spoken about fat tyre being easy to cycle with loads of momentum. I can tell you it was hard work cycling into a gusting 40mph wind with those wide bars. Once I was onto the sand though it all started to make sense.

The sun also came out which made the waterproofs we were wearing a bit superfluous.

When you have open beaches like this just a couple of miles from your front door, it's an easy decision to get a fatbike.

The pristine new On-One Fatty is beginning to look like a well used bike which is just as it should be.

After heading out to the tank blocks, it was a pleasure to turn and have the wind behind us as we cycled around the edge of the salt marsh. When I looked back at the soft land we had crossed there wasn't a mark from the floater tyres. On the loose sand there were faint tracks but these will disappear with the next tide and is certainly nothing compared to the hoof-prints of horses.

Coastkid nosing through flotsam on the shoreline.

Abandoned sand martin nests.

As the rain really began to bucket down we cut into the single track in the woods for some shelter. It was another short cycle of probably only seven miles including the road sections, but it it was a good couple of hours of blethering, pedaling and hiding from the rain. I still love getting on the LHT for big runs but today would have been misery in the wind and rain. The Fatty is ideal for just getting out for a bit of fun.

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