Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back on the trucker

Despite an ominous weather forecast, Saturday dawned quite mild with low cloud and best of all, no wind. I made an effort and dragged the Long Haul Trucker from it's gathering cobwebs.

It's over a month since I last went for a longer cycle and it was great to get back into the steady rhythm of pushing the pedals. I headed east past Torness and on to Cockburnspath.

As ever, Cockburnspath seemed asleep so I turned down the cliff track to Cove harbour.

The tunnel leads through the cliffs and on to the little beach.

I parked the bike and went for a wander around the little harbour and tried my best to compose a few photos in the poor light.

The shelter of the cliffs is usually the ideal coffee stop but I have broken another flask. I don't know what I manage to do to these stainless flasks, but I can't keep them for long.

From The Cove I cycled back past Dunbar and on to East Linton. I saw quite a few other cyclists on the road. Several had the hard grinding look of folk who have taken up a keep fit campaign for the new year. Hopefully they will keep it up and will still be pedalling by the end of the month.

On my way past Beltonford I found a dead otter at the side of the road. It's injuries suggest it had been hit by a car. I have heard of otters on the Tyne along by the Knowes, and in the Biel Estate but it's sad to find one killed by traffic.

Back through Belhaven and the effects of the recent storms and the high tide could be seen with the dump road well under water. I just took my time and half pedaled slowly through the flood. It was fine, the only danger being if I strayed from where I thought the path was and went off the edge into the river.

The salt marsh was flooded and the dunes and Spikey were an island again.
A relatively easy 50km without too many aches. I had been a bit worried that I would suffer after so long away from the LHT but it all turned out fine, although I will have to address the coffee carrying issue.


  1. Some crazy high tides the now & some amazing pictures of the 'Bridge to nowhere ' being posted in the Dunbar in Pictures facebook page, such a local icon that bridge ! I remember before the sewage plant was built sea anglers would fish from the bridge until they could get off again. Shame about the otter Iv'e never seen one around here but knew that they were resident along the Tyne, John who runs Markle fishery told me once that he has bother every year with them plundering his troot, a small price to pay I think. Cheers :-)

    1. I think there is a fair chance the otter could have been heading to the fish farm. The Knowes is a good area to spot an otter although there seems to be a lack of trout over the last few years.

  2. Shame about the Otter -(
    Hope to join you on some drop bar adventures this year Ped!!!

    1. I've got to see this new bike. Might finally get a Glasgow Edinburgh run sorted this summer.