Sunday, 19 January 2014

Rain, Sanding, Scraping and very little Cycling.

I should really have been on the Long Haul Trucker for an easy ride of 30 miles or 50km at some point this weekend. But, there are times when rain, the cold, and eventually, routine bites hard, ambitions are low......*

So instead I invested some effort in giving "The Mighty Heron's"  rudder a desperately needed sand down to the bare wood.

The rain lashed down all weekend as I stripped the first layer of ancient paint from even older hardwood. Come Sunday morning, and I was awake early with a cold rain continuing to sap any cycling thoughts.

 Scraping, sanding, dreaming of summer. Meanwhile it's soup, rolls, family, friends. It's January in Scotland. But that's not so bad.

*Some of these words may have been gratuitously borrowed from Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, et al.


  1. Hopefully, you get the weather you want soon enough, Peter.

    1. Hi Chandra, it was no great surprise to be back at work today and there were beautiful blue skies and the sun was shining!

  2. On the bright side its only another 8 weeks until the yachts go back in the water, (weather permitting) however i feel we my pay dearly for this mild winter that we have been enjoying, with the exception of the heavy swell we have had this last week or so of course.
    just hope we have a summer as good as last year to enjoy

  3. At least your ambitions are steering in the right direction as spring approaches Ped...

    Steering...get it?... -)