Friday, 28 February 2014

Along the coast from Edinburgh on the Long Haul Trucker

I finally managed to get some time for myself today. So off to Edinburgh for a nose around and a leisurely cycle home along the coast.

The weather was fantastic for February. The day started with a sharp frost but this soon cleared and the sun shone in crisp clear skies.

The memorial is to Sir Walter Scott. I can remember most of the sandstone in Edinburgh being dark and stained before there was a big effort to blast it all clean. I think this started in the late 1980s. I don't know why the Scott Monument was left, although the dark towering spires are quite iconic and would look odd now if it was back to clean stone.

Aye, tram tracks, but no trams, although I read in the paper a couple of days ago that Edinburgh Council are looking for guinea pig passengers to finally try out the new trams. We'll see.

From Princes Street I flew through the traffic and headed down Leith walk, then off into the docks. The Port of Leith pub was still closed as I passed, probably just as well.

These cranes are silent now. It's all container transport and cruise ships.

Portobello beach was a typical seaside in winter. Just dog walkers and a few hardy pensioners sitting with their wee tartan rugs, staring out to sea.

I stopped too, had a coffee, and stared out to sea as well. I don't know what we were all expecting, maybe something will sail over the horizon one day and the perishing pensioners will rejoice.

The pillars were rescued from the nearby Argyle house and now stand in the community garden. Really intricate stone carving, and the restoration team have done a great job restoring them.

Through Fisherrow and I spotted this black headed gull in it's summer breeding plumage. It's companions were all in winter guise, he must feel a little overdressed, the wee poseur.

By chance, I met coastkid and we bleathered for a while. Then I headed inland a bit at Aberlady and had to take a photo of the wall of potato boxes at Lufness.

I began to regret not eating enough, but with no shops around, I just carried on enjoying the winter sun and empty roads.

Fenton Tower standing proud on the hill. If you click the link you can read about it's history. It was only restored recently, and if you really want, you can get married there.

On and on, feeling a bit tired but  still comfy on the trucker. I stopped at Whitekirk for a couple of photos and the last of the coffee from my flask.

  Some more stone carving in the vestibule ceiling.

Home in sight and the sound of the wading birds ringing across the bay.

I somehow managed to be out on the bike for six hours, a great day and good to have some time off just to spend pedaling along in the sunshine.


  1. Nice to see you today Peter. You had a lovely sunny day to cycle down along some of our coast. I enjoyed talking to you. Will catch up soon...

    1. Aye. I'm going to be doing some "work" on the Heron this weekend so you know where to find me.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dylan. I had a look for Katie L sailing up to Granton but no sign. Let's hope that the birds getting their breeding plumage early bodes well for a settled summer.

  3. I always enjoy your photos and descriptions. I really must try to find and document amusing sights in my outings.

    1. Thanks Chris, I always enjoy your contemplative approach to your outings.

  4. Peter,
    Glad you got to go riding for a good bit.
    The scenery and photographs are brilliant.
    I am a big fan of old buildings and churches.
    I got my building fix now; thanks, eh?

    Peace ;)

    1. Hi Chandra, I'm glad you enjoyed the buildings and a little wildlife too.

  5. Great pics Peter, looks like you had a good ride. Lots to see on the coast there. I need to make an effort to get up that neck of the woods again soon.

    1. Cheers Al, it makes so much of a difference having some decent weather for a change.