Sunday, 23 February 2014

Craigmillar.. the castle, not the scheme.

There's no cycling or sailing in this post, sorry, but yet again family, work, and life in general is just taking up all my time; and rightly so. 

However, there's always a spare moment if you are prepared to take it. So if you are stuck in the south of Edinburgh, on a very windy Sunday, with a bored looking Border Collie in the back of the car, why not visit Craigmillar Castle. The view above is Arthurs Seat, the extinct volcanoe that dominates the east of Edinburgh. The tower blocks are Craigmillar Castle Gardens. I wouldn't leave the car there. The easiest way to explain the neighbourhood is the tourist scene in the film Trainspotting. I can't find a link to it but if you don't know it, have a search on YouTube or take my word that it's full of gratuitous violence.

Fly shows her Collie instinct and is naturally wary.

On the subject of violence, the castle has seen its fair share. It dates back the 13th Century, although what you see today is mostly medieval. It's worth a visit, although you have to pay to get in despite funding it's upkeep through your taxes..pah! Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed here for a while after the birth of her son James VI, or I, depending on which side of the border you are from. She left around 1566 and unbeknownst to her, political shenanigans had taken place which would ultimately lead to the death of her husband Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. I've mentioned him before.

As I was only having a quick visit, I wasn't too keen on paying the entry fee, so resorted to my usual tactic of sneeking around the outside and taking a couple of photos. Seriously though, if you want to see a what a 500 year old castle looks like, it's worth the visit. Just don't leave any valuables on view in your car.

Just a quick escape, brisk walk for Fly, flask of coffee and bran scone looking over the view of Edinburgh. Hopefully I'll get a bit of time off for a proper post later this week.

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