Sunday, 23 March 2014

Easy Sunday Cycling

This week is just a simple old fashioned cycling post, with a little attempt at new ideas. I got on the Surly Long Haul Trucker on Sunday morning and set off for an easy pedal.

There was a cold north westerly blowing but there is a spring like warmth in the sun when I found a sheltered place to stop.

More hints of spring as the fields are ploughed for what will eventually be the summer harvest.

The new idea this week is cold brewed coffee. I've been working on this for the last month or so. Basically, I made up a cafetiere with decent ground coffee and cold water, then left it for eleven hours. In the morning I pressed it, then poured it into a flask and took it with me on the bike.

On the old road to the Cannongate by Spott, there is a little bench which was the ideal place to stop and drum up. Once I was out of the wind I soon warmed up and sat back in the spring sunshine and fired up my very well worn Coleman stove.  I was given it as a gift about eighteen years ago and I was certainly not grateful enough at the time. I can't count how many hot drinks, meals and comfort, this wee stove has provided over the years. As for the coffee, I'm not totally sold on cold brewed. It seems a little sweeter to me, and I prefer my coffee very black and bitter. I'll keep trying different brews.

 Badger midden for those who are interested.

 At the bridge at I stopped to try to get a picture of a Dipper. I've seen the bird feeding here for years but normally only catch a flash of white from the birds chest as it disappears, but today I was willing to sit quietly in the sun and wait.

It's still not a great pic; it was at the full extent of the zoom. But I'm pleased to have captured it and it was good for the soul to sit quietly awaiting the chance of a pic. An easy Sunday morning.


  1. Spring looks lovely in your part of the world. It is good to see you out enjoying it. Regarding the cold brew coffee, my experience matches yours. I believe cold brew is generally sweeter and less bitter, and I like it. I'm guessing there are ways to brew coffee with more 'bite' that you'd enjoy, but I'll let the coffee experts suggest the best way to do that. I'm a lowly amateur.

    1. I shall continue my coffee research and report back.

  2. Sounds like a nice day... re. the coffee, do you have room for one of these??|cat:50006790|prd:50006790&$$ja=cgid:7025685177|tsid:48121|cid:136751817|lid:54128923977|nw:g|crid:37478061897|rnd:6306032667456239529|dvc:c|adp:1o7|mt:

    PS. Pictures are overlapping the display area....

    1. I couldn't get the link to work Steve, but if it's coffee based, I can probably make room.

    2. Damn - apologies.. try this....$T2eC16F,!)kE9s4Z-URLBSF!QBKdpQ~~60_57.JPG

      ...or Google stove top percolator..

      Thinking about getting one for the boat... :o)