Sunday, 30 March 2014

On-One Fatty in the Woods

The sky has been awfully close to the ground for the last couple of days and combined with cold easterly winds, I didn't really fancy going for a run on the 'trucker. So as usual, plan B was get the Fatty out for a play in the shelter of the woods.

I went for a drive to the Borders to check out a possible summer loop for the LHT and took the Fatty over the woods near Ayton. It was a steep climb up through the trees but there is always the reward of the descent.

The natural shelter of the hillside kept the worst of the wind away. It was just me and Fly swooping through the mist and hopping over roots.

The floater tyres provide great grip, so long as you run them soft enough, and the well drained woodland meant they hardly got clogged with mud.

This glade will soon be full of the smell of wild garlic.

Not a particularly long run, but some good exercise and a happy dog.


  1. This is what it is all about, just getting out there whatever the weather,
    Hope to see you next weekend at Forth Fat :)

    1. Forth Fat! Group rides! I spend my weekends trying to get away from people.
      Seriously, I'll see how it goes. Crane in for boats is 11th so only one weekend left to get ready.

  2. What a contrast to the bright cloudless sky and dusty gravel roads around here! It would be wonderfully refreshing to ride in the misty woods occasionally. That bike with that environment looks like a great combination.

    1. The fat bike is a lot of fun whatever the weather. The good thing about Scottish weather is that if you don't like, just wait five minutes and it will change.