Monday, 1 September 2014

Easy harvest cycling.

 Saturday morning was bright and breezy and time for a pedal before breakfast. I'm still trying to get out on shorter cycles and I now have some exercises from a physiotherapist to loosen off my sore achilles. It seems to be working, albeit slowly.

 I always take a camera with me when I'm on the bike and usually take a few pictures but I haven't got around to posting much as the views all seem so familiar to me. But that doesn't mean that they won't be of interest to someone else, so here is a bit of my morning with the first views over Belhaven Bay.

Then it was along the dump road past the pond and a gentle climb as I headed inland.

 The harvest is in full swing and there are little hints of Autumn in the hedgerows.

The brambles not quite ripe yet but if the weather stays warm for the next week I'll be out picking and trying some cunning jam making plans.

An easy going ten miles and I didn't feel sore at the time, and more importantly I wasn't limping the next morning although it was definitely a bit tender.

I'll just keep taking it easy and try to post a bit more.


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    1. Cheers Bruce, it's not a major pain, just an annoying ache and hopefully it is beginning to ease.