Monday, 15 September 2014

Sunday morning cycle

It's been a busy old week. Saturday was spent sailing and there will be a post mid-week once I put it all together. Meanwhile I've bought another car as I need a diesel as my weekly commute could soon be increasing dramatically.

I finally found a car that was suitable, bought it and by chance a work colleague was able to give me a lift to pick it up. I drove the new car home on Friday night which left the old car lying at work. So on Sunday morning I was off on a cycle to Haddington in the rain to collect it.

It was a dull damp start on the Long Haul Trucker. I just stuck a bottle of water in the rack and didn't bother with the waterproofs as I was only going 12 miles or so. I would regret that omission.

The first mile along by the Winterfield was just damp with a Scottish smirr. But as I headed out along the straight to East Linton the mist became thicker and a cold rain started. For the first time since April I began to think about long fingered gloves.

The leaves are beginning to change to their various shades of brown and the sky was most definitely grey. Then the rain really started so I just had to get the head down on plod up over Pencraig and on to work where the poor Berlingo has been sitting neglected since Friday.

My journey time was quite quick (for me) at 48 mins, and I thought again that I should commute by bike, but the comfort of the car with it's heater and a 15min journey home kind of reinforced that I cycle for pleasure. It wasn't the most interesting of routes, nor the most pleasant of weather but I still enjoyed it, the 'trucker was impecibly behaved as ever and breakfast, when I got home, tasted that much better.

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