Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Long Haul Trucker along the coast

The days seem to be flying by recently. It's Tuesday evening already and I still haven't got around to posting Sunday's cycle. So here goes.

I headed east in bright midday sunshine out of Dunbar with the vague notion of going to Cockburnspath. The Long Haul Trucker just keeps on doing the job and although it is not the most exciting of bikes, it is comfy.

At the end of the cycle path I passed a large group of travelling people with their assorted 4x4s and caravans. They seemed to be entertaining their hordes of noisy offspring by setting off fire extinguishers. Perhaps they were training for when they are burning the insulation off the copper cable that they "recycle" from the quarry.

I gave them a wide berth and continued on by the fields at Torness. I couldn't resist this shot of the farmers scarecrows.

Further along and I've posted pictures of the bridges at Bilsdean before, but these have usually been during the summer when there is a lot more greenery. When the leaves are gone, the drop is all the more impressive. Unfortunately cloud was gathering and the pictures were quite dull without pushing the exposure a bit.

There wasn't much happening in Cockburnspath. I spent a week there one afternoon! It's an old one but it does sum the village up. I know a few folk who live there and they tend to agree that nothing happens.

Then it was back to Dunbar, a quick loop of town and spin through the woods to round the mileage up to a relatively easy 20 miles. I kept up a good pace and there was no coffee stop this week.

 It's been a mild winter so far but the forecast is suggesting some weather coming from the north. These woodland trails would be pretty special in the snow with fat tyres. Here's hoping.


  1. I've avoided 'Tinker alley' for the time being until they're moved on, I could tell you so many tales of their midnight operations at LaFarge !!
    Love the craw on the scarecrow pic brilliant :-)
    Keep on truckin, I'm sure our paths will cross one day.

    1. Cheers Barry. I'm surprised they haven't been moved on earlier given how close they are to the secret nuclear fuelling point that no one knows about.