Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April 4th and a storm is passing, I hope...

Last week I posted pics of the Heron launched and the mast up. The weather was great but I noted that I wasn't to feel too smart as the forecast was poor! Oh yes it was poor.

The above pics were taken on yesterday, Tues 3rd April.

 On Monday Stuart (Ambition) had texted me saying the fishing boats were all moving to safer ground and Bob the harbourmaster had no problem with us sneeking our little twin keelers through to the Cromwell harbour. Lots of antics with dinghy rowing and plenty of rope and I was tied up in relative safety. Cheers for the help Stuart..and get your Ambition blog going!

North Easterly blowing in. predicted 11.5 ft swell. This is a great site for sea state if you have a location near you, try the search.

Stuart (Fladden suit) and one of his willing helpers! running more lines and springs to the Heron and Ambition.

Low water and the wind still howling but the Heron is safe.

Today, Wednesday, I had a day off to take E to the BGH. (this is a diary entry)  Snow on the road by Duns.

Got home after lunch so down to boat to check the damage. One back stay had come loose, the sail cover has lost some fixings, there was plenty of water in the bilges but no major damage. The rubbing strakes have taken a battering and I will take pics to show the damage. I think it will cover up with plenty of linseed oil. Hopefully this will be the advantage of oiling over varnishing.

Between the hail and rain there was occasional spells of sunshine. This is the view from inside the ambition as we checked for damage. And maybe had a beer. The wind is dropping and backing NNW. Friday is crane in for the big boats and also a long weekend for Easter.

Wind, blowing a hooley, Temp, Baltic.


  1. I went to see the Minkie Whale washed in at NB East beach yesterday, sadly it died , couldnt photo it like that -:(

  2. typical wafis, magic sea weed was only giving the fore cast about a week before the weather hit, why do waifs always leave it to the last minute to act?
    me thinks the vollies is taking up to much of mr pirie and pads time, hope the damage is an easy fix.

  3. wafis! Kev came through after us but he has his own forecast.