Monday, 9 April 2012

April 9th Easter Monday

It's been a long weekend. Friday was a holiday and was also craning-in of the sailboats at Dunbar. A few engines didn't start but generally things went ok and no one drowned. Saturday was spent fiddling with boats despite the dull weather and a metre of swell running. Got home and the TV broke.  E never watches television so I'll see how long I manage without.

Sunday was an early start to replace a section of ground chain. Got a bit wet in the "drysuit", then spent the afternoon sitting on Zig Zag in good company. The forecast is for Northerlies with 10ft swell by Friday. The tides will be smaller so there is less chance for Heron's keels to pound but I might end up in the old harbour again. The computer is running as slow as a week in the jail so I'll keep the post short and defrag it overnight.

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