Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15 April and some Sunshine

Took the Falcon road bike for a blast around Dunbar. When I got home it was one of those days when I wanted to keep going, so I did. I followed NCR 76 out of town and then mixed my own variations down to Cockburnspath.

I'm still using the bigger chain rings which can be hard going but it suits the feel of the bike. I stopped at one of the bridges over the Dunglass burn.

It's a fair drop off the side of the bridge and the parapet is not very high. Look at my seat height compared to the wall.

I got to Cockburnspath but there's not that much in the village so I turned around. Stopped at the bridge again to get a shot of the rail bridge and newer road bridge in the distance.

After the bridge I turned up the climb to Dunglass Collegiate Church.

This church was founded for Sir Alexander Home in around 1443. He employed a provost and three chaplains to spend there time praying for the souls of his family. Presumably this allowed the family to carry on sinning without the inconvenience of having to attend the church too often.

It's a substantial building with a stone roof and was used as a stronghold by both sides during the wars between Scotland and England in the 1540's.

The square holes in the walls would have supported beams for the ceiling and upper floors of the church. The Church is still used for weddings and there was seating and a lectern in place with carpet laid on the gravel floor. 

Above is the south transept where various members of the Home family are buried.

 Seems a fine place to be put to rest.

The church was used as a barn for a long time which probably saved it from being broken up for building stone.

That's a proper door.
A new back wheel is a priority for the Falcon and I think a better looking saddle is needed. Oh, and working brakes.

18 Mile loop plus earlier pedal gave 24 miles today. Sunny, 7 degrees, F2 NW.

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  1. Nice post. lovely old church, i need to revist and ride the trails under the bridges too -:)