Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lunch at Starvation Brae

The weather today was a real mix of sunshine and sudden showers in the gusting westerly wind. I had the day off work, and lots of other things to do, but I managed to fit in an hour and a half on the Long Haul Trucker at lunchtime.

I loosely planned to go up by Spott to stretch the legs with a bit of climbing and stopped to take a picture of this horse at Bowerhouse. As I stepped back to frame the pic, the mischievous nag took a bite of my saddle.

There is no major damage, just some splitting of the vinyl, and I should be able to glue it. I should remind the horse of where glue used to come from!

After the climb to Wester Broomhouse I took the old road down to Spott. This was stopped up a few years ago now and has become a lovely footpath. The hedges were bursting with birdsong and everything is finally becoming green.

At Spott I turned left up Starvation Brae; I have no idea where the name comes from. This is always a killer climb for me and I'm happy to admit I've never cleaned it. This time I stopped at the first bend and took a photo.

I was actually feeling ok but I knew that the next three bends each reveal another climb that just seems to get steeper and steeper.

I kept on going from there and finally topped out with jelly legs and the heart rate monitor insisting I call an ambulance.  It's satisfying to look at the drop back down to sea level.

I got in behind a wall to get some shelter from the increasingly cold wind and had lunch. Cheese and tomato rolls and a flask of coffee. I know how to live the high life!

It was very pleasant sitting in the sun, munching away and admiring the views. Unfortunately I didn't notice the cloud getting blown in from behind me until the sun suddenly disappeared.

The descent back down the wet roads with wet brakes was a wee bit alarming. 

I'll have to put some time aside to go back up this way and do the Brunt climb too. Meanwhile this rates as one of my better Tuesday lunchtimes.


  1. Anyone who cycles the hill knows why it is so named! your lungs are screaming!, great post Ped!

    1. Cheers CK. Has anyone been up there on a fat bike? Could be a first for someone - or a cardiac arrest!

  2. Indeed a wonderful way to spend a lunch.
    I like the photo of the path at Starvation Brae. It's narrow, but appears to be in good condition. I was also thinking it must be nice to crest a hill and have the sea come into perspective. Oftentimes I am able to stop at majestic views of Lake Ontario.

    1. Hi Wilson, The climb was tough but the views are worth it. Looking back to sea level helps the sense of accomplishment.

  3. Those hills look so lovely, Peter.
    There are some good sized hills around where I live.
    I have to explore them soon and post some pictures.

    Paz :)

    1. Hi Chandra, the local hills are very peaceful and if you can avoid the wind turbines, very beautiful. I will look forward to seeing your posts.