Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mid Week Cycle 8th May

What a difference a week makes. We've had a few days of sunshine and the temperature has crept up to something approaching normal. This has resulted in a sudden blooming in the hedgerows and spring is in the air.

The weather was pretty variable today with strong easterly winds and rain, but it settled down in the evening, so off I went for a pedal after work.

There is a new cycle and walking path along the side of the Biel Burn and estuary. It's a great new section of National Cycle Route 76 and avoids the tight bit of road through West Barns.

The day time wind had managed to back right around to the west and slowed things a bit as I made my way along to East Linton. Fortunately it eased as I climbed up to the Hailes Castle road. It's lovely to see the yellow of the Gorse and the smell of the flowers which, to my mind, have an aroma of coconut. The bird song up here was impressive too.

I just made it along to the castle as the sun was setting and quickly tried to get a couple of pics of the halls.

I'd brewed a flask of coffee before I left and it was appreciated as I sat watching the sun set, listening to the river with swallows feeding around the castle ruins.

As the sun got lower I went up to the main hall which was still catching the last rays. I'm sure that a good few folk have looked out of this window through the centuries.

Enough relaxing. Back on the road and I put the head down and got the heart rate up and pushed the pedals all the way home.

It wasn't too far tonight, only 16 miles, but I can't really think of a better way to pass a couple of hours after work.


  1. A terrific way to pass a few hours after work.
    That paved pathway looks sweet. And stopping at a castle...just not an option here in Canada.
    Thanks for the wonderful pics.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Wilson. Although Canada may not have castles I'm sure you could find plenty of other images to fill a blog.

  2. Beautiful photos, and intriguing history...thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks Pondero, it was a lovely cycle.

  3. Peter:
    Good to carry some hot java for those rides on cold days.
    I like your photos, especially ones of the castle.
    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, the self sufficiency of being able to stop anywhere and soak up the view with a cup of hot coffee makes a ride all the more pleasant.