Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mid Week Cycle 1st May

I'm on a training course at work this week. This means days of sitting around boardroom size tables, trying to appear interested, interspersed with the humiliation of role play and reheated coffee. When I finally got home this evening I got out for a well deserved cycle.

The sun was out as I passed the cement works but as I headed down into the Borders cloud formed and the temperature began to drop. It's May now and the hedges are starting to bloom but we are still getting the occasional frost in the early morning.

It's pronounced Coe-burns-path.

After the village I headed under the railway line and along the Southern Upland Way towards Pease Bay. The track was a lot rougher than I remembered and I was going way too fast. Once I was back onto smoother roads I could hear an occasional ominous creak from the rear wheel. I'll need to take it off and check everything.

On the road back toward Cockburnspath the sun made a brief, but welcome, return.

I was running out of light so it was time to head back. Smooth winding roads and downhill too!

When I got back to Dunbar the sun was just about to slip over the horizon. It was 20 miles of varied cycling this evening with lovely views. The time flew by. I suspect tomorrows training might not pass quite so quickly.


  1. Some lovely pictures and scenery there ped, i feel your pain as far as training courses go, but roll playing isn't all bad, if you know what i mean ;)

    1. I like the run down to Pease Bay. It's the climb out the other side onto Coldingham moor that stops me going much farther. Only one more day of training to go!

  2. What a gorgeous country you have. My wife and I are starting to think about a 20th anniversary cycling tour somewhere in the UK.

    1. Hi Wilson, Scotland is a fine place. If it's a special tour, what about cycling the whole of the UK in an end to end? There are plenty of books on the subject!