Sunday, 3 November 2013

Beach riding on the Fatty

I'm still missing my camera but hopefully a new one should be delivered next week. In the meantime I tried using my phone but didn't bother to post as the pictures were so poor. These pictures are taken on the little Vivitar camera which has an awfully small lens and aperture.

The weather forecast was quite poor on Saturday morning, so I took the Fatty out for a blast along the coast. I went east to Whitesands with clouds gathering and spots of rain in the freshening easterly wind.

I had plenty of empty beach, just the birds for company, and Fly of course.

There's not much chance of getting Fly to stay still for a photo.

On one Floater tyre print. If you read Fat Bike forums, you may be surprised to see this as these tyres are apparently no use for sand? eh?

It always amazes me how a bit of cold and damp drives people indoors. If you are prepared to put up with a bit of discomfort from the weather, then there are miles of empty coastline to be explored. Not the longest of rides but a fine way to spend a Saturday morning.


  1. Hi Ped!, aye it was wet and cold on Saturday, brilliant! -)

    Agree on the tyre tread comment!,

    1. Cold is good for getting some peace. Floater tyres work fine for me.