Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Morning, On One Fatty.

There are a couple of simple rules for taking photos for a blog. (1) Have a fully charged battery. (2) Have a formatted memory card. Well yet again I failed on no.2 when I went for a Saturday morning spin on the LHT with no memory in the camera. 
So instead, here are a few photos from a Sunday morning play through John Muir Country Park on the Fatty.

Half tide and many miles of open estuary to explore.

Just the occasional dog walker, but mostly it was me, Fly, and the distant call of wading birds.

Fly was happy to run alongside, but insisted on having a drink from the pond, and naturally got covered in mud. 

A few minutes later I totally misjudged a rut and went over the bars. So that was the two of us going home filthy.

World War 2 buildings, sort of industrial landscape, fatbike thing.

An hour and a half of pedaling on a sunny Sunday morning then home for breakfast. Simple.


  1. Peter,
    The fat tyre ride looks like a fun one.
    Also, the first photo in this post is very pretty.
    Great job, with the new camera!
    Peace :)

    1. Hi, Chandra. The first photo is my favourite too.

  2. Was nice kight yesterday morning. I never got out at weekend,
    Chil Blanes from last week, ouch!
    Spent the time in the man cave, so not a weekend wasted!

    1. Hmmm, if you've spent a whole weekend in the cave, that makes me think you're building something.

    2. Just polishing something...