Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cycling, woods, swans, coffee.

There's been a frost most mornings this week, but thankfully a cloud cover came in on Friday night, and Saturday morning was a little warmer. This made for a much more pleasant cycle, not that it was particularly warm, rather, I didn't have to worry about ice.

I headed west over Pencraig hill, past Haddington, then down through the Letham Holdings.

Much as I enjoy the coast, I also take great pleasure from inland woods. The relative silence of the trucker allowed me to see so much wildlife now the vegetation has died back.

I saw deer, a sparrowhawk feeding and two male greater spotted woodpeckers fighting. When I got to Westfield I took a coffee break and watched a family of swans preening.

A pretty fine place to enjoy a flask of coffee.

On my way back through Haddington I turned into town at the Poldrate Mill to buy some new brake blocks from Mike's Bikes, LBS, then headed East again to Dunbar.

I had sort of planned this route as a standard 50km that I could use regularly throughout the winter. I was spoilt today with beautiful crisp, clear views and an abundance of wildlife. I'll be lucky to get a cycle like this again but I suppose I'll keep trying.


  1. Coffee is good anytime. Especially great on a cold day, during a bicycle ride. The path along the canal is very pretty. Not that the other pics are not…Good job, Peter!
    Peace :)

    1. Thanks Chandra, it's funny how the simple rides that don't go anywhere particularly special can turn out to be the most enjoyable.