Monday, 30 June 2014

Another lazy Sunday

Nothing special this weekend, just a Sunday messing around at the harbour. The end of May and most of June has been lovely weather with hot sunny days and light breezes. Unfortunately the harbour has been blocked by the dredger. Now that it has finally gone, and the harbour is shallower...yes you read that correctly..., the wind has turned to the North.

There was a race around the Bass planned but there wasn't much of a turn-out, so I ended up rowing over to the Seline to watch the world go by and have a cold beer.

Dave got tail-tied when he caught his mooring risers around his prop shaft. This sort of misfortune is welcomed with glee amongst other boat owners and provides an hour or so of good spectating.


I could have gone for a cycle but the spirit was weak. Lazy days.


  1. Peter,
    Nice report. Lazy days are good for the soul too, ya know? :)
    Is the little boat a lifeboat for the Heron??
    Peace :)

    1. Thanks Chandra, the little orange boat is the tender I use to get out to the Heron on its mooring. But well spotted with the colour, the paint is from a lifeboat!