Sunday, 8 June 2014

Coffee at Loch Lomond

After work on Friday I quickly drove home, collected El and an eager Fly, and turned around to drive through to Glasgow for the weekend. It was quiet evening-in catching up with El's dad, my father in law, which made for an early start on Saturday. I packed Fly into the car and drove out of the city to Loch Lomond.

When I looked through the photos I took, I realised that I hadn't taken any of the standard pics of the head of the loch with Ben Lomond in the background. You will have to google an image, and if your only knowledge of the loch comes from the song, then take my word that it is worth a visit. I'm probably guilty of taking this beautiful national park a bit for granted. I've spent a lot of good times around here over the years.

I took a walk through the woods on the lower slopes of Conic hill. Through the upper canopy I could here Ravens calling but couldn't catch a decent view. The sky was overcast but there was quite a heat and I was glad of the breeze to keep the midges at bay. We dropped down to the lochside and then wandered around to the boatyard at Balmaha. Fly was keen to have a paddle while I unpacked the wee flask of coffee for another Saturday breakfast alfresco.

Tucked away in a corner of the boat yard I found this rather neglected looking boat. It looked like a Pegasus 700 bilge keel. The forestay and a lower shroud were broken.


Looks like the mast is being held up by a very worn foresail halyard. The rest of the boat looked like it had been sitting for a few years.

The was an outboard well with an old 9hp mercury in situ. The long leg easily cleard the hull and was a neat fit behind the rudder. Nothing drastic and I would bet on a weekend of scrubbing, fixing and painting and this could be a cracking yacht again. I can imagine Stuart giving the yard a call after reading this.

There were some well cared for boats too. This little clinker launch would be ideal for balmy summer evenings casting for trout.

I thoroughly enjoyed a lazy morning walking the loch shore and Fly mostly enjoyed herself although she did meet her nemisis in the shape of an angry Mallard hiding in the grass.
A good weekend away and I should have taken the bike. Perhaps it would be useful to build a cheap beater out of the Kona Caldera. Something I wouldn't be too worrid about leaving in a parked car. Plans, plans.


  1. Peter,
    Might I suggest an inexpensive folder to take along?
    Raleigh 20s are quite inexpensive, if you can find one.
    You dog looks naughty.
    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, Unfortunately I have an aversion to folders after I witnessed one collapse and the rider getting hit by a bus that was following. That was around 1980 but the image has stuck with me!
      Fly can certainly be wilful at times.