Monday, 16 June 2014

Summers day Borders Cycle

I took another drive into the Borders on Monday. I've cycled a few routes out of Duns and it was to be the base again for an afternoon jaunt. The weather was beautiful with the slightest of breezes and glorious sunshine.

In the town the heat was oppressive, reflecting off the buildings. The streets were nearly empty and the only sound was the thrum of an old rotary lawn mower. The smell of freshly cut grass is something I associate with the long summer days of childhood and it was a pleasure to lose myself in memories as I cycled up hill and out into the country.

Old mile posts overgrown in the hedgerows but this one has had a lick of paint recently.

As I carried on photos tended to be taken where there was some shade rather than any particular view. I had three bottles with me and I needed them.

 On across the field and on to little used gravel roads. The low shadows on the horizon are the Cheviot hills. Last time I was there was on my loop to Wooler last July. That was a hot day too.

For some reason there are still folk who ask how you can tell the difference between a cow and a bull. Well here are a couple of pictures. See if you can spot any differences.

These roads are fantastic. Always sweeping and turning with new views around every corner and very little traffic.

There was some blessed shade through the woods so I took the chance for a rest on a log pile and watched chaffinches arguing about something that must be important to woodland birds.

Back on the road and I passed this donkey that had a very poor tail. 

Perhaps it had been pecked by this noisy group who were sharing the field.

I eventually rolled back into Duns in the late afternoon. Quick stop into the shops for juice and then the drive home for a much needed shower.

A fine afternoon's cycle, nothing too strenuous, just what was needed.


  1. Peter,
    The scenery is so rich and green. I love it.
    I haven't heard the word 'hedgerow' since the last time I listened to Stairway to Heaven. So, I am going to listen to it again tonight. Thanks for it.
    Glad you had a nice ride even though it was hot.
    Question: How hot does it get where you are?

    Peace :)

    1. Hi Chandra, the temp was about 77f. Which is relatively hot for here. It will likely be back down to around 60f by the end of the week.

  2. Nice day out Ped!.
    Berwickshire is the hidden gem county of the Borders, so much beauty down through the Merse, great cycling area on deserted country roads and off road on seldom ridden trails...

    1. Thanks Bruce, aye, just 20mins in the car, loads of little roads and there are new trails being opened up all the time.