Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cycling, woods, horses, surf, breakfast.

 A wintery sun was doing it's best to provide some watery light on my cycle this morning; it wasn't, however, having much effect on the temperature. There was the occasional patch of frost and for the first time this year I felt the need for proper gloves. Unfortunately I couldn't find them, so I made do with my short fingered ones and worked a bit harder.

The woods provided a sheltered cycle with loads of birdlife and everchanging colours. The single track is great too, with fast sweeping bends through the trees.


Once I'd had enough fun linking up all the tracks in the shelter of the woods, I looped back around town to Eweford. There was new Heras fencing along the track and it looks as though that tree line of old Scots pine will soon be replaced by a new housing development. It's a shame, but so far the developments have probably resulted in more paths and cycle routes than were there previously so I can't complain too much.

Along by the farm and the horses came across to say their good morning.

I scratched their noses then pedaled back down to the coast to have a look at the sea that I had heard crashing in during the night.

It was all quiet at the Biel Burn, but just offshore the surf was up.

 Which of course brings surfers and..

 kayakers and..

 ...happy dogs!

 Then back home for breakfast.

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