Sunday, 9 November 2014

Easy Sunday Cycling

I was away on training last week so it was good to kick back and take an easy weekend before the return to the relative normality of work on Monday. I usually find going for a cycle relaxing, and so it would seem sensible that I should have been out over the last few weeks, but I just couldn't get into it. Now that the pressure is reduced, I find getting out on the 'trucker so simple. There is something counter-intuitve going on with my thinking. Perhaps something to take time to reflect on.

But back to the pedalling. On Sunday morning I pumped a bit of air into the neglected tyres, and headed off into a dreich grey day.

There has been more than enough rain recently and the roads are beginning to get that slippery winter damp that local cyclists know so well. The multitude of autumnal colours in the leaves are wonderful to see but a different matter when you come across them on a corner.

I wasn't that sure where I was going this week so I just wandered along towards Haddington but then turned back toward East Linton with its bridges and then on to Preston Mill.

I met a dog walker and there was a couple putting their boots on to go for a walk but otherwise, I had the roads pretty much to myself.

By the ford on the river at the Knowes Farm I stopped for coffee and some fruit loaf a friend had baked.

A simple breakfast and then an easy pedal home. A very welcome and very relaxed early morning cycle.

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