Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th May its Friday and a new wheel.

A new wheel has been long needed on the Falcon. I finally got around to ordering one this week when the old one developed a buckle that would have had professor Rubik scratching his cubes.  The freewheel is a cheap and cheerful Shimano six speed. The wonderful old freewheel was a Suntour 5 speed. I will try my best to get it off the hub as it is still in great condition and has a 30 year old "tick tick tick" that you just can't buy now.  Given my size and the length of time it has been on the hub, something is going to get damaged.

 The new big ring (1st gear) is a 28t which will hopefully be a useful change from the previous 24t while I stick with a 52t chain ring.

Yup its a solid axle! wait till you see me solder the brake cables. Lugged frame, friction shift, Old Skool!

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  1. Got my old Peugot Triathlon rolling again, need to get out for a pedal soon ped -:)