Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thurs 24th Evening Fishing

The good weather continues. On Thursday evening I rushed home from work, grabbed a fishing rod and went out on the Heron. 

It was a calm sea with no wind as I motored out a couple of miles to meet up with Stuart on the Ambition.


I got a cod but there was not much happening. Stuart had been out for a while and had eight cod. No sign of mackerel yet.

We went back towards Dunbar to try for pollock off the rocks but no luck. Then when we decided to head into the harbour Ambition's engine wouldn't start.  

Time for a tow.

A chilled out evening.


  1. can't believe you done us out of a shout, whats going on mate :)

  2. Stuart had the choice of Peter's Inshore Search Service or R.N.L.I. He chose to take the P.I.S.S.