Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cycling around fences

The weather today was lovely, crisp blue skies, cool in the shade but warm in the autumn sunshine. I was sorely tempted to take the Long Haul Trucker for a ride but I didn't want to risk damage to the headset from the brake judder problem. I can wait another few days. So saddle back on the Falcon and a cycle up by Stenton.

Pondero had wondered if too many of his pics feature barbed wire fences. Not at all. Here's one on the road to Pitcox.

And here's a plain wire fence to keep this old lady from wandering.

 Some fields have no fences at all.

 And a very few have relics from WW2 costal defences.

There you go. A peaceful cycle in beautiful weather and an unhealthy amount of fence photography.


  1. Barbed wire is an interesting subject, German barb wire was quite different to our stuff in WW2...

    sorry... nice pics -:)

  2. What I great looking ride! Maybe there are certain ingredients that blend together to help enhance the flavor of a savory ride, and barbed wire fencing might be one. Of course that stone fence looks fantastic as well.

  3. David:
    Awesome photos and narration.
    The WWII rusty fence photo gave me the creeps.
    Just in time for Halloween, eh?
    Peace :)

  4. Sorry I'm late replying, usual excuses.
    CK and Pondero, looking back a week later, I really like this post. Funny where something as mundane as barbed wire can lead.
    Chandra, CoastKid used to have a great blog going about WWII defences. A lot of the stuff is now on his Coastrider blog. The pics from the local POW camp are particularly haunting.