Sunday, 14 October 2012

Very short Sunday cycle

I had great plans for this weekend. Crane-out for the big boats was on Friday and I had hoped to use a half day from work for a daylight cycle but instead got involved in harbour shenanigans.  I also managed to get another stinking cold, number 5 this year? Saturday was spent inside taking plenty of fluids, paracetamol, and rest.

Sunday morning and El continued her caring, wife-type advice, to rest. I still didn't feel up to any great adventures, but I needed to get out so I went for a cycle of probably two miles!

Yeah, those sea views are just two minutes from my door. Being choked with the cold doesn't make for great adventures but it can help me appreciate how fortunate I am to watch an easterly blowing in from the North Sea. Those clouds are months of cold air accelerating from the Americas, the Gulf stream, bouncing off Biscay into the North Sea then crossing from mainland Europe, hitting Scotland and forming cumulonimbus....and rain....on me!

   Miserable weather but a happy soul.


  1. That rain saw me sheltering in Whitinghame tunnel like a troll... then all the way from Garvald home!
    Get well soon! -:)

  2. Nothing worse than a cold, my grandfather used to say they can put a man on the moon but they canny cure a cold, never mind i'm sure you will be out and about in no time.

  3. Peter:
    Your spirit is strong.
    Keep it up!
    Peace :)

  4. CK, "sheltering... like a troll" I like that, just leave the goats alone.
    CWL, how come dogs don't get colds? Mind, they canny go to the moon.
    Chandra, The spirit may be strong but I wonder about the body at times..I'll survive!