Sunday, 28 October 2012

LHT not going very far

My plan was to use Saturday to fix the brakes on the LHT and then out for a ride on Sunday. Unfortunately I awoke this morning to a cold rain hammering on the windows so Saturday's short ride will have to suffice this weekend.

After last weekends juddering I ordered a fork canti-hanger which looks ideal but didn't clear the lower headset. So for the meantime I've fitted a cheap and cheerful mini-v brake. It works perfectly but prevents the fitting of mudguards/fenders. It will do for now but I have ideas for spacers to get the cantis back on.

To avoid having to mess around changing levers and re-taping cables and bars I fitted a Middleburn cable oiler. These are fantastic little fix if you need to split a cable outer.

A slow cycle around town. The gears needed a bit of adjusting but otherwise thing seem pretty good.

The netting in the lobster creel just calls out for a photograph.

As does the cut stone at the base of the castle.

Not much this weekend. 6-9 degrees, N backing W, SW. Clocks went back to GMT.

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  1. Asked mate Andy from Yorkshire about your brake when they were here for the weekend, he thinks it is the brake pad compound if they are toed in correctly and it is still juddering, hope it cure it for you!