Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Not much happening here.

After the excitement of aliens, giant toads and whistling sheep earlier this year, I was looking out over the frosty roof this morning when a gull crapped on the neighbour's sky-light. It looked like Freddie Mercury during the Queen 'Kind of Magic' tour. I finished my coffee and headed off to work pondering the significance of this.

The weather has been beautiful over the last week, but unfortunately there's not enough daylight to get out for a cycle after work. I'm hoping to get off early on Friday. Whats the bets on the weather remaining settled?


  1. David:
    The picture of the leaf against the sky is very nice.
    I am gonna say the weather is going to be fine.
    Just do it !

    Peace :)

  2. Cheers Chandra. Despite your blessing it was monsoon season on Friday, but I managed a quick pedal on Sunday.