Sunday, 17 March 2013

A couple of hours of sunshine

The forecast for this weekend was pretty bleak with freezing temperatures and driving rain. It looked as if there might be a break in the rain clouds just after lunchtime on Sunday and when it came I grabbed the chance for a cycle around the local villages.

There has been a bridge at East Linton for a long long time. Records tell of the troublesome English crossing the bridge when they were invading in 1547. Two years later they were running home and were a little upset to find that the French had given a hand to the Scots and blown up the bridge to hamper the retreat.

When James the VI was heading south in 1603 to be crowned James I of England it was noted that the bridge was near collapse. Tolls were raised and the bridge was rebuilt. In 1763 it was widened and strengthened to what is today. The improvements are commemorated on a keystone on one of the arches.

This lovely house is quite normal, I somehow manage to mess up the horizontals in this pic.

Back on the LHT and on through East Linton. No sign of the buds on the trees opening yet.

 It might look as if I've made a mess of the verticals in this pic but the trees show its just a squint old mill.


The mill wasn't running today so the race was diverted past the wheel. I went back onto the road and pedaled along to Tyninghame as the cloud rolled back in.

It looked like rain so I started for home but I was enjoying myself too much and went for a loop around Dunbar.

It was a slow easy cycle today. The LHT is going great, but when I was cleaning it I noticed a wee wobble in the back wheel. I remember hitting something on the way home from work on Thursday so I'll get the clothes pegs out and try to true it up. The front brake blocks could do with being replaced soon too. I'm still more than happy with it.

On an entirely different subject,
Good news, the Kittiwakes arrived back on the 15th, a day later than last year. There have been a few individuals since the 3rd but by Saturday there were over 100 birds and they are still arriving; shouting their hellos to old friends.


  1. Cheers CK. I got lucky with a couple of hours of dry weather. Good to see you were out. There weren't many other folk around over the weekend.