Friday, 29 March 2013

Slow Good Friday

The last three weeks have been freezing. Cold easterly winds gusting to over 50mph have meant daily wind chill temperatures of -5C (23f). When it wasn't raining it was snowing. Then I caught a horrible cold that will not clear. All this has meant I haven't been out for a cycle for nearly two weeks. Today is Good Friday and I thought I might be able to manage a few miles in some very welcome sunshine. First I took Fly for a wander along the coast to see how I would manage with a bit of exertion.

It was lovely in the sun with the sound of the waves on the rocks. Fly charged about and found a suitable stick.

The climb back up to the road left me puffing and sweating bullets. I knew I wasn't up to any hard work until I can clear this infection and breathe clearly again.

I still really wanted to get out for a wee cycle so I just grabbed the LHT and got on with my chores. I went to the local supermarket on the outskirts of town for some shopping then home, then back along by the East beach.

The easterly winds are dying down but there was still a bit of motion.

At the old harbour the fishermans memorial has just been refurbished. The brown sandstone carving is fantastic and really shows up in the low sunlight. I left the 'trucker in the shelter of a couple of boats and went for a wander. Bob the Harbour Master was busy painting his Fifie and told me I had a new mooring in the Victoria Harbour for this season. This is good news as it should be a bit safer.

It also means that I have to get riser chains onto the mooring. Low water tomorrow morning will be about 0.6m over the bar at Leith which translates as an empty harbour in Dunbar. I need to grab this opportunity as it will some time before the tides are so low again. I quickly borrowed a pair of bolt cutters and got my hacksaw. My chains are all fitted with shackles but after a year in salt water it helps to take all the tools possible for the half hour the mooring will be exposed before the tide comes back in.

This will all be mud tomorrow at 1010hrs and I will be floundering around in the middle of it. As to the cycling, I had aimed for an easy pedal to save my poor lungs but ended up doing twelve miles around town. The LHT continues to do just what I want. Longer runs, commuting, or just going to the shops, it does it all.


  1. Oh dear i know what you mean with this virus thats been doing the rounds, thats a week now i have been suffering from the same symptoms, chesty cough and sore throat, still managing to do my daly commute to work but not enjoyable, roll on summer.

  2. Yeah, soon as I raise my heart above 150 I'm coughing my guts out. You going to get some Quad Copter film of the boats going in? Regarding wee yachts, I spoke to Jeff T and he will leave an info pack at the LBshed.

  3. Pic No2 is a cracker Ped!, both of you two hillbillys get wellsoon! -:)

  4. That would be a great wee film with the quad as long as the weather is decent dry and not to much wind, when do the yachts go back in? i'm nightshift this weekend so it wouldn't be possible, regarding the info pack cheers i'll pick that up next week some time.

  5. Peter:
    Your photos are lovely.
    I have a chain cutter like yours, a tad bigger, perhaps.
    They do come in handy, I say.
    Hope your cold goes away soon.
    Peace :)

  6. Hi Chandra, thanks for your kind comments and good to see you back posting. I could have done with bigger cutters, I nearly ruptured myself with one of the shackles! The cold has nearly gone!