Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Misty Morning Woodland Cycle

I've been a bit remiss with the blog. I didn't really enjoy my cycle around North Berwick last weekend. A combination of the wrong clothing, lack of food and forgetting to take any money resulted in a cold and uninspiring ride. I couldn't find the motivation to get out on the bike this weekend and so there was no post. I did manage some work on the Heron but sandpaper and paint don't make for interesting pictures. 

I had a day off work today and the morning dawned with a crisp frost and clear skies. To get my motivation back I decided to do something different and took the Kona mtb down to Penmanshiel. It's all off road in the woods, so Fly came too.

As usual, once I was out pedaling I was so glad that I had made the effort.

The sun was warming the air above the valley quicker than the ground so a temperature inversion formed and  mist rolled through the trees. Every so often it would clear and the hills would appear in shafts of sunlight before the trail was enveloped again.

I puffed away in low gears as Fly ran around finding ever bigger sticks to show me. After a lot of nosing around on little side trails we eventually popped out at the little tin shed near the old house.

Guess what the old bottle used to hold?

Bell's pah! If I owned this wee shack in the woods I think I would be making my own. Probably end up learning the banjo too. 

 Wiggly trees.

Coffee in the flask and some much appreciated sunshine. As I was sitting, taking a rest and enjoying the start of spring a fellow came wandering along the trail with a portfolio and a wee table. I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I suspected he may be an artist and sure enough he was. His name was Gerry Turley and he was out drawing for some childrens book illustrations he is working on. It was a pleasure to have a chat and Fly took full advantage of Gerry's willingness to throw sticks.

Back on the trail and some decent descent back to the car. I'm not sure how, but I managed to spend nearly two hours messing around on the bike.

A good ride, Fly enjoyed it too and the motivation to get out and enjoy myself is back.


  1. I could see how one could easily spend a couple of hours in a place like that. Of course, I'd probably like to see photos of the Heron also.

    1. The Heron is out of the water but the pressure is dropping and there could be a storm coming from the north by Friday. I'll try to get some pictures of what could be a very powerful seascape.

  2. It really did feel like Spring and it was a pleasure to meet you both. Fly's constant movement was lovely, bringing over ever-shortening throwing-sticks to be replaced by large ones when they got too wee!
    Drawing went well (surely inspired by the weather and surroundings), I'll post a couple on my blog soon.
    Hope to bump into you again!

    1. Cheers Gerry, I'll look out for your drawings on your blog.