Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wind, Waves, Rain, Cycling

It's been raining for the last four days and a big sea has been building from the north east. The temperature is barely above freezing and if I had any sense I would have stayed in bed this morning, but ..

That would be too easy! So instead I went out in 25-30mph winds and driving rain to enjoy a cycle around Dunbar. This week I made sure I had decent waterproofs. The heavy cloud has my little Pentax camera struggling to capture any contrast but I took some pics anyway. I'm always keen to see where others cycle and hopefully other folk are interested in my travels.

The Biel Burn and the little bridge to the trout farm.

Bare trees and that pervading damp that gets into your bones. Aye it's good to be Scottish.

As long as I kept moving it wasn't too bad.

It was a good pedal, only 10 miles of purgatory, but worth the effort and it made a hot shower and breakfast a heavenly pleasure.

I'm off to watch the rugby now. Dunbar has it's usual Welsh visitors here for the international. Given Scotland's recent performance I think there could be some happy Taffys this afternoon. We'll see.


  1. Good job getting out there in the elements. I only went out for about 10 min yesterday. Partly because I had some other things I needed to do, but partly because I didn't overcome the negative signals the elements were sending. Despite the wind, I'll be trying for a little more gumption this afternoon.

    1. Good luck, a headwind can be so dispiriting.